Sadist Love

I’m a sadist when it comes to love stories. I like the the ones with pain. I believe that love is not love if there’s no pain in it.. I can’t imagine a happy love story. I wish to be a writer who has the power to make people cry by having them feel the pain by reading about it in my words. I know it  makes me sounds very bad.. Cruel is the right word I suppose, but this is how it is. Aren’t the saddest love stories remembered the most? Think about it, we love happy love stories because obviously who doesn’t want two people in love to have a happy ending. ‘Happily Ever After’ as some may say, but when we read a sad love story with a love of pain in it, it makes us quite emotional. We feel what the character feels, we cry with it, we live it. It becomes a part of us.. We remember them the most because we become them. I don’t know about everyone, but every sad love story I read takes a part of me with it when I finish it. and I don’t mind that. I guess I am a sadist, but a sadist who likes inflicting pain on others just as much as on her. 

Share your thoughts. 


I see the world in white and black.

No colors can be seen.

Everything is good or bad,

There is no in between.


I can’t see the colors in.

This world that’s full of so much ink, 

I’ve heard the tales from people


and It all sounds amazing.

All the colors and the life,


I wish that I could see it,

But I’m stuck with this black and white.

This is for you Sidharth Malhotra.

If I were a musician you’d be my favorite song.

I’d grab my guitar and play you all night long.

I’d sing you in the shower or even in the rain,

We would share every moment

laughter and pain.

So come a little closer, let me sing for you.

Listen to my heartbeat

and say you love me too.

You have started a fire in my heart that can never be extinguished.

I will love you fiercely, recklessly, irrevocably for eternity. 

You make my world spin, sometimes so fast I am entirely out of control,

thrown so far off balance I fall with only desperate hope

that you will be there to catch me. You are my uncertain certainty.

You are as terrifying as you are magnetic and

I am as powerless against you as the ocean is powerless against the moon.

Had to end.

I guess I was always in love

with the idea that you were unattainable.

I knew at some point fairy tales had to end.

But unlike those in movies, I always understood

that we were not the main characters.

You were the Princess and I was the apple

that was meant to poison you.

And that somebody was bound to

come along and save you from me.